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“In this world, there exists people who physically seem as though they are alive, they breath, they walk, they talk, they live, but in reality they are captives of this world, they are slaves of their lives and trite events. In order not to die, they make themselves so small that it seems as though they are dead. But individuals who are free, even if they live shorter lives, they truly live, and breathe with their own free will. They are not slaves of other things, while others submit to them”

-Martyr Mustafa Chamran

Muslim Student Association

Tomorrow's history, written today.


For the past 50 years, the Muslim Student Association (MSA-PSG) has been in the forefront of Shia Muslim activities in North America. We take pride in our ethnically diverse student body as this quality greatly enhances the nature of our contribution to the community. The organization’s values are rooted in the great personality of its founders including Martyr Dr. Mostafa Chamran. As a distinguished scientist, war commander, and politician Dr. Chamran epitomizes a human experience lived in honor and belief.

The initial goal of this organization was to support justice movements in Palestine and bring awareness about dictatorships reigning in Muslim countries, namely Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s monarchy in Iran. One of the most important messages of the organization in the second half of the 20th century was that liberalism and communism will not foster the Utopian dreams of humanity. In accordance with the huge wave of Islamic Awakening following Iran’s Islamic Revolution, MSA-psg is adjusting its goals and vision to address the new needs and challenges among the Muslim community.

Being a student-led organization, MSA-PSG puts a large emphasis on community activism especially in regards to involving the next generation of Muslims. We seek to empower our youth and create a more dynamic Islamic community dedicated to following an Islamic lifestyle through the principles of the Holy Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad and his Holy Household (Ahlul-Bayt). With the challenges of upholding Islamic values in a secular Western society, we hope to address such challenges through education, activism, and promotion of unity.

Current State

By building on the efforts of founder Shahid Dr. Mustafa Chamran, a new phase of the MSA-PSG has begun. Today, MSA-PSG strives to honor the struggle and sincerity of its founders by serving Muslims and Islamic communities throughout the United States.

MSA-PSG is an ethnically diverse organization composed of individuals from all over the world. The yearly conferences host a wide array of guest speakers and all talks and workshops are conducted in English. The Muslim Student Association was created to give young Muslims a voice. Our goal is to educate the youth and encourage them to become an active driving force in their communities. Since 2013 we have been focusing our efforts on addressing the challenges facing Islamic communities in western society. We are dedicated to empowering our youth and creating a more dynamic Islamic community dedicated to following an Islamic lifestyle through the principles of the holy Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad and his Holy Household (Ahlul-Bayt).

Our Vision

Our aim is to promote Islamic values as they were taught by the Prophet and Ahlulbayt, with the MSA PSG conference as a platform to bring members of all communities together from around the US, from students to families and professionals.

We want to provide the means for those who are inspired to act, to spread the light of Islam and repel the darkness and hatred.  We are dedicated to honoring all those who have sacrificed on the path of Imam Hussein (pbuh).  It is a great responsibility to carry the mantle of the martyrs and pass it on to the next generation. 

Together, we can lay the foundation to build a future free of injustice and oppression, inviting the Imam of our age to guide us on the straight path and fill our hearts with the light of Allah.


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