Marketing Strategy

MSA-PSG Marketing teams strives to reach out to an audience through a thorough understanding of basic and advanced marketing strategies.

Social Media

Social Media today serves as a common culture between communities around the globe. Help us establish an enhanced relationship with our audience while sharing our core values with the masses.


The Media team is in constant work to reform and shape the correct image of Islam throughout the US and the world. Making short video ads, taking/editing photos for different social media platforms are the main focus of this group.

Sister's Group

This group strives to unify Muslim women around the United States by establishing a supportive platform for the initiation and implementation of local community projects.

Bayyinah Spotlight

Bayyinah Spotlight is an online newsmagazine dedicated to highlighting the issues that are ignored and bringing to light the injustices that are hidden within the mass media.

Creative Writing

The creative writing squad seeks to inspire intellectual exchange among Muslim youth by removing language barriers from valuable resources so relevant religious, political, and social issues may be addressed in cooperative spirit.

General Volunteer

Interested to help out in any way possible? Sign up as a general volunteer and help us increase productivity speed and enhance the quality of our programs.

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