Student Gathering

The student gathering is a rewarding experience because it gives the students a chance to meet peers with similar social and academic concerns. Student Affairs of MSA-PSG provides opportunities to sit with other students and share experiences and ideas.

June 17, 2013

Women Empowered: The role of Muslim women within today’s societies (Sisters Only)

“When she is born, she opens the gates to paradise. When she’s married, she has completed half of her religion. When she’s a mother, Paradise lies beneath her feet.”

-(Prophet Muhammad-Mizan al- Hikmah).

In light of a dire need to address the looming misconceptions about the role of women in Islam, we will uncover the real truth beneath this narration. Many great women have managed to simultaneously remain dutiful to their Islamic obligations and make great contributions to their communities. Living in the west, the line between the two can become difficult to differentiate. In this workshop we will use speeches, discussions and the bond of our sisterhood to identify our place in this society using the Quran and the Sirrah of the infallibles as our guide.

Workshop for sisters 19+ years old 

April 22, 2013

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