Motivation and Goal Setting

The Motivation and Goal Setting Workshop is an Interactive Workshop. It is set up to present methods and techniques for achieving objectives. These skills are much-needed regardless of age, gender or nationality.

This workshop focuses on applying Cognitive Personality Theory to setting goals, methods to achieve them, ways to measure progress and how to motivate yourself to
reach your goals.

The workshop offers Insight into Locus of Control, Victim Mentality, Impact of Positive Language, Goal Setting Techniques, Separating Short and Long-term Goals and Barriers and Methods to Succeed.

November 7, 2016

Digital Media

As digital technologies continue to create innovations in the world of experiential graphic design, motion design is becoming an increasingly important skill. A great  story exploits the limitless possibilities of the medium it’s told in.

The Digital Media workshop will teach students how to use the After Effects program to create fun and educational videos. The students will learn how to organize their stories in an engaging, and artistic direction. There will be three, 3 hour workshops over the span of three days.

September 21, 2014

Raising Children

Raising Children

This workshop will attempt to examine key reasons why Muslim youth often succumb to the negative influences posed by anti-Islamic value systems.  Muslim parents are losing their youth at an alarming rate.  This workshop will explore pertinent ideas that can help facilitate solutions to the challenges faced by parents and youth.  There are three critical stages in the raising of a child that are often overlooked by raising children in non-Muslim societies.   We will examine these stages as the best prerequisites to foster happy, productive youth, filled with a clear vision of their true purpose of life, empowered with a proud Islamic identity.

December 24, 2013

Handmade Islamic Arts

Art can be used to serve the intellect but it can also be used to serve desires. Islamic art is a type of art that serves the mind as it expresses spirituality and strengthens one’s relationship with Allah (SWT).  This has been practiced within the Muslim community for years and has inspired non-Muslims to continue such traditions. Islamic art has a glorious era in art History, and is one of the most valuable achievements of mankind within the field of art that include Islamic architecture, calligraphy, paintings etc.

One such examples of Islamic art are the embossed panels. These panels can be placed on various surfaces or a wall. In creating Islamic embossed panels, the names of Allah, Imams, Quranic verses, and other Islamic writings, are carved on different kinds of surfaces, such as, plaster, wood, and brickwork. Working on these surfaces requires special tools and skills, which will be discussed and taught in this workshop. For these series of workshops we will be focusing on using plaster as our working surface.


What will I learn?

The primary objectives of these workshops are to gain an appreciation for art by learning how to prepare a plaster mold successfully and apply carving techniques using the necessary tools. Participants will also learn how to effectively utilize oil-based paints and polish a finished relief sculptured art.  Through this workshop we hope to promote Islamic Art expression, motivate individuals to come closer to their roots, and potentially awaken a hidden talent and passion


Who can join?

This workshop is open to anyone 14 years or older that is interested in creating a sculpture in relief using plaster. No prior preparation or experience is required and all materials necessary will be provided.


About the workshop leader:

She discovered a unique talent for the visual arts while taking basic painting classes as well as calligraphy. As a devoted Muslima, she decided to pursue a Bachelors of Arts degree in Graphic Design to help promote her Islamic values with the new mediums of art expression. It was then that Mrs. Ramjou was introduced to relief, a sculptural technique where the artistic elements project in an almost three dimensional fashion on a solid background. She especially liked the boundless creativity that went into crafting and volumizing a minds thought using mediums such that of plaster, wood or brickwork to either inscribe, mold, carve, or paint it. With her 10+ years of experience, she hopes that others, too, will gain an appreciation for art in expressing their Muslim identity and propagating true Islamic teachings as taught to us by the AhlulBait (as).

December 17, 2013

I’ve got 99 problems but Islam ain’t one! (Sisters Only)

Join us on a journey to explore #awkward social moments experienced by young Muslims living in the West, and learn how to maintain an untainted Islamic identity. Through this highly interactive workshop and games, we will explore how we, the youth, can become agents of change and uphold the flag of Imam Mahdi (aj)… Is assimilation really the answer?!

Workshop for sisters 12-19 years old 

November 22, 2013

Building Blocks of a Balanced Life

The Building Blocks of a Balanced Life Workshop is an Interactive Workshop. It focuses on Knowing Yourself, Personality Types and the Fundamentals of Balance. It will cover the many facets of wellness including: Intellectual, Physical, Social, Environmental, Occupational, Psychological and Spiritual.

This workshop will offer insight into: Arriving at Balance, Steps to a Balanced Life, Practical Ways to Create Balance and Steps to Arrive at Spiritual Balance.

October 27, 2013

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