49th Annual Conference



DECEMBER 20-23, 2019

Bridging Communities

An organization dedicated to minimizing distance between Islamic community centers throughout the United States.

Connecting Students

Every program or event organized by the organization is ultimately designed to serve Muslim students living in the west.

Promoting Islamic Values

Guest speakers, and invited participants are carefully selected to ensure high quality and up to date material is presented to our audience.

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A Word From The Organizers:

We find ourselves living in a world where the dominant culture spreads falsehood, destroys the spirit, and enables vast injustices. This culture influences every aspect of how we live our lives. To find freedom, we should ask the question, how would we live if every dimension of our life was rooted in Tawhid, the teachings of the Quran and the Prophet, and the leadership of the Ahlul Bayt?

Four years ago we started discussing the Islamic way of life, starting from inner dimensions, then stepping outward layer by layer, reaching the global level. Islamic life on a global level is inextricably linked to the concept of the Ummah, which is intrinsically connected to the Imam of the Age. With this frame in mind, let’s candidly confront the problems we face on the ground and find ways to battle oppression, misinformation, and cultural misguidance.

The MSA-PSG Team

Spreading Knowledge

Inspiring Action

Building Our Future

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