Bridging Communities

An organization dedicated to minimizing distance between Islamic community centers throughout the United States.

Connecting Students

Every program or event organized by the organization is ultimately designed to serve Muslim students living in the west.

Promoting Islamic Values

Guest speakers, and invited participants are carefully selected to ensure high quality and up to date material is presented to our audience.


Ayatollah Javadi Amoli

Message to MSA-PSG

“We need ethics for keeping science under control and if science is not accompanied by ethics, i.e. that instruction does not occur along with self purification and moral training, its results would be World Wars I and II, or the brutal massacre of the people of Gaza and the like; this is why the holy Quran has always called us towards knowledge and purification at the same time.”


Connect with students, teachers, scholars, and community leaders from across the country. Learn, discuss, and share your thoughts about the issues that matter to you.


News: Based on trust.

Bayyinah Spotlight is an online newsmagazine dedicated to highlighting the issues that are ignored and bringing to light the injustices that are hidden. Join the team and help counter the mainstream media’s spin on world events.



Awaited Inspiration Request

Daily Quran recitation for the reappearance of our 12th Imam.

  • 120 participants from 10 countries around world (four continents).    
  • Each person reciting ¼ a Juz per day → Adding to the completion of the Quran every day for 120 khatm Qurans until Eidul Ghadeer.
  • Limited participants.



Online Interactive Activities

The Kawthar Retreat is an online based initiative, run by goal-orientated Muslim students from across North America. Our aim is to engage the youth to become more learned about their religion and the teachings of the Ahlul-Bayt (as), this is to be done in new and fun interactive ways that will go beyond any boundaries set by physical location.


video coming soon

This project is currently under development.

Spreading Knowledge

Inspiring Action

Building Our Future

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